Display Advertising

The Google Display Network is the largest advertising network available on the Internet.

About Display Advertising

Consisting of millions of websites, advertisers on the Google Display Network can choose to display their adverts in various formats to a wide audience across the globe. Google estimates that their display network provides coverage to over 90 percent of all Internet users, which is one rather large reason why you should be using it. However, it’s not just the reach of the network that makes it so impressive, it’s the ability to target users in a variety of ways that makes the Google Display Network such a potentially lucrative platform for advertisers.

My Services

I’m able to set up and run display advertisements and associated landing pages to drive qualified traffic to your website, and increase the likelihood of those visitors converting. I have always said that display network targeting is most effective when a combination of targeting methods are used. Combining one or more different targeting methods will obviously reduce the potential impressions of your ads compared to targeting a wider range of users, but this will leave you with extremely well targeted ad groups and ensure your budget is only spent on those users most likely to convert.

Paid Search Advertising Services

Google Adwords

Ensure your business receives maximum visibility by paying to advertise in Google's search results for keywords related to your products and services.


Display ads specifically to people who have visited pages on your website, whenever they visit sites on the Google Display Network.

Display Advertising

Advertise on the largest contextual advertising network available on the internet, the Google Display Network. Create ads to target users based on interests, topics and keywords, or a combination.