International SEO Services

Hoping for potential customers to discover your website in countries outside of the UK?

About International SEO

The importance of International SEO cannot be underestimated for businesses operating (or hoping to operate) in regions outside of the UK. Often, I encounter clients who have been using one version of their site to target multiple regions, which simply will not work. Relying on search engines to understand that you can serve regions other than the UK based on your website content alone is not an option and will never generate results. There are various ways in which you can provide search engines with strong signals that you are able to serve multiple countries, including the signals generated by the structure of your website, the addresses, contact information and languages used on your pages, and the HTML tags used within the code of your pages. If you are to rank well in countries outside of the UK, then you need to provide the search engines with the right signals, otherwise it will be nigh on impossible for your website to rank in those regions.

My Services

In order for your website to rank well abroad, there are a number of structural considerations to bear in mind. The type of domain you choose will make a big impact on your ability to rank well in certain countries, whilst the country your site is hosted in can also affect your visibility in other countries. There are of course many more SEO factors that you’ll need to consider when targeting customers in other countries, all of which I’d be happy to help you understand. I’m also available for specific project work and can ensure businesses looking to diversify into different territories are able to do so seamlessly using my expertise.