Local SEO Services

Local SEO will improve your websites chances of ranking well in the area your business is based. Therefore, local SEO factors for local service providers cannot be underestimated

About Local SEO

As you may have noticed, Google’s (and other search engine’s) search results pages are being tailored towards localised results rather than national companies for a much wider variety of queries. A simple search for ‘plumbing services’ will no longer bring up the biggest companies in the country, instead you will be presented with localised results based on your IP address (server location) featuring (amongst other things) Google+ listings, reviews, and Google map results. More often than not, the websites performing well locally will no doubt have invested time and money in addressing the multitude of local SEO factors that contribute to their strong local rankings.

My Services

I specialise in Local SEO across the UK and will ensure that your business is able to rank well against other local businesses for the types of products and services you provide. Localised search results are becoming more prevalent as Google are increasingly looking to personalise their search results for each of their users. Essentially, people based in Nottingham searching for ‘service A’ on Google will be presented with a selection of businesses in the local area offering ‘service A’. Therefore, optimising your website for local search is a huge opportunity to increase your appearance in local search results for the services you offer.