PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

I can help improve your existing paid search campaigns, drive more qualified traffic and increase conversions to get the most from your paid search advertising budget.

About Paid Search Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management is complex and time consuming, but there is a direct linkage between the time spent tweaking paid search campaigns, and their performance. I’m able to provide the much needed expertise and time to increase the conversion rates of existing paid search campaigns, whilst I’d also be happy to advise and set up new campaigns from scratch to ensure that they are structured for optimal performance. Contact me using the form below to see how I might be able to provide the actionable insights needed to generate more online conversions from your paid advertising budget.

My Services

I have experience of managing complex PPC campaigns in niche markets and would happily provide advice and a strategic plan to help you improve your conversion rates. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like me to provide a quote or simply advise on the management of your PPC spend.

Google Adwords

Ensure your business receives maximum visibility by paying to advertise in Google's search results for keywords related to your products and services.


Display ads specifically to people who have visited pages on your website, whenever they visit sites on the Google Display Network.

Display Advertising

Advertise on the largest contextual advertising network available on the internet, the Google Display Network. Create ads to target users based on interests, topics and keywords, or a combination.

Bing Advertising

The Yahoo Bing Network is the combined advertising marketplace consisting of Yahoo, Bing, and related partner sites.